Mola-mola sighting

Tuesday the 1st of Feb 2011 at the Canyon dive site north of Kilometer Zero in Pulau Weh at 25 Mt of depth a group of 4 advanced divers bumped in to a Mola Mola or SunFish, The group was then joined by a second group of divers led by Isfan of Rubiah Tirta Divers.

The divers stayed with the Mola Mola for around 14 minutes as it traveled from 25 to 40 Mt of depth – the Sunfish measured around 3.5 mt from fin tip to fin tip and 3 mt head to tail… the sighting was well documented by Dan from Penang and Patrice of France – who have taken both video and still images of the Fish.

The Sunfish was busy having a good clean by a pair of Banner Fish and we hope he will spread the word to his fellow Mola Molas so that we have more of his friends coming to be cleaned at the Canyon!