Whale shark in the Canyon

Here my text to the whale shark we filmed yesterday, 16th August:

After a week of diving with Rubiah Tirta divers, the highlight came on our last day, when we saw and filmed a whale shark. We were told that sightings are very rare, especially after the the 2004 tsunami, so meeting such a wonderful creature unexpectedly, was just fascinating.

We were diving at the Canyon site, the north tip of Pulau Weh at about 20 meter depth, when we spotted it. It came straight towards us, then kept circling around us for about 5 minutes, as if wanting to say hello to all of us in the group. Our guess is that it was about 6 meters in length.

The film we made during our underwater meeting turned out to be excellent, which was quickly distributed amongst the divers.

It was a brilliant finish to a wonderful week of diving at Rubiah.
Many thanks to all the dive masters and personnel at the dive centre.

Best regards,

Peter and Barbara